C. Sean Burns


I work at the University of Kentucky in the School of Information Science. I use this site mainly to share content. Most of that will be found on my wiki (use link above).

I try to share as much as I can---perhaps it'll be useful or something. On my wiki, there are course lectures, research and other types of notes, essays, and more. The wiki holds longer form essays, but there's a blog here for short ruminations on various topics. Code for research and teaching projects are located on my GitHub account (link on homepage).

I don't have any analytics software installed on this site.

All opinions, viewpoints, etc expressed on this site are my own or otherwise attributed.


I grew up in San Antonio, TX. I attended many public schools, and then left at 18 to go to college at Monmouth College, upon the advice and with the encouragement of my high school English teacher, Ms. Bailey, and also encouraged by Ms. Carr and Mrs. Archer (to all the great teachers out there). A shout out to my swim coach, Coach Moreno, too, who motivated me to do better all the time. Monmouth was a great experience and I had wonderful professors. I still think of them fondly: Drs. Cathey, Suda, Li, Watson, Willhardt, McNamara, and McMillan. I've not been in touch with any of my high school teachers or most of my college professors in decades, but they are always with me.

After college, some life happened, and instead of going to graduate school like I thought I might, I started to work in restaurants full time. I began to cook in restaurants in high school and did some of that work in college, and felt comfortable in that space. I cooked (mostly) but also waited tables and tended bar in about 21 restaurants overall (counting the jobs in H.S. and onward). I worked in all types of places -- started in fast food, but also in diners, a truck stop, a dive bar, casual places, and one fine dining Italian restaurant in the Seattle area. I moved around a lot -- something like 7 states and many more cities/towns.

I finally decided to apply to grad school and started that in 2007. This was also a great experience. My intention was to become a librarian, but I was encouraged to apply to the PhD program. I think I would have enjoyed pursuing librarianship as a long-term career, but I am glad that I did the PhD. I've been at UK since 2013. It's not always an easy or enjoyable job. I think I'm still a line cook in my heart and the different cultures (restaurant and academia) create a kind of mental tension for me, but it's a rewarding profession, for the most part, and I'm pretty fortunate, for that and for other things.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to peruse the public parts of this site and to contact me if you have any questions. Email addresses are below.