This page describes some current projects and contains a thematically organized list of selected publications with short narratives for background information.

See my Curriculum Vitae (CV) for more details.

Current Projects

Project 1: A study of tacit knowledge and open science. My thesis is that tacit knowing, Michael Polanyi's idea that we can know more than we can tell, challenges the idea that an open science can be fully open. If true, this has ramifications for what we can learn from science done more openly and for what can be replicated based on a more open science. See What documents cannot do: Revisiting Polanyi and the tacit knowledge dilemma, which describes the beginning of the thesis in more detail.

Project 2: A study on ungrading with Jennifer Pusateri, Daniela DiGiacomo, and Katherine Ritchie. We investigated two of my library science graduate courses. One course is discussion based and the other is project based. This is an ongoing research project. The first paper for this project was accepted (Jan. 2024) by the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science and will be published soon. We received internal funding to continue this research in a computer science course.

Project 3: A study on open educational resources (OER) and faculty agency with Mandi Goodsett (Cleveland State University). A lighting talk presentation was accepted (May 2024) in the next Open Education Conference (October 2024).

Project 4: An information literacy study of first semester undergraduate students with colleagues at UK Libraries and UK CELT. More details later.

Plain Text Social Science

I enjoy a Plain Text Way To Do Plain Text Social Science. I have been using the plain text research approach to write more research projects. I describe the process on The Text.

Research Themes

Scholarly Communication, Scientometrics, and Citation Analysis

Peer Review Practices and Biases

Article Titles and Citation Analysis

Journal and Publication Studies

Open Science and Open Access

Information Retrieval and Search Systems

MEDLINE and Search Retrieval Issues

Information Discovery

Image Search

Information Access

Information Organization

Reference Librarianship and Qualitative Methodology Studies

Technology and Automation in Libraries

Library and Information Science (LIS) Education, Open Educational Resources, Pedagogy

Fake News, Misinformation, Information Literacy