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 for this year. for this year.
-![alt text](https://​​u/​55752964/​octopress/​citationsByYear2015.png "Citations by Year, 2010 - 2014")+{{:blog:​citationsbyyear2015.png?400|Citations by Year, 2010 - 2014}}
-Also as expected, there are fewer higher impact articles and lots of lower +Also as expected, there are fewer higher impact articles and lots of lower impact articles, as measured by citation counts.
-impact articles, as measured by citation counts.+
-![alt text](https://​​u/​55752964/​octopress/​citation-long-tail-2015.png ​"Citation Long Tail, 2010 - 2014")+{{:blog:​citation-long-tail-2015.png?400|Citation Long Tail, 2010 - 2014}}
 ----- -----
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