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 +====== Comment on: "Thank '​Goodness':​ The Peer Review System"​ ======
 +**date: 2013-09-12 09:28**
 +//​Goodness//​ made the list of items on an article titled, "​Fourteen Oddball Reasons You're Not Dead Yet" ((http://​​articles/​health_and_science/​science_of_longevity/​2013/​09/​life_saving_inventions_people_and_ideas_cotton_shoes_fluoride_the_clean.html)). Here a philosopher is quoted:
 +> Then there is the whole system of medicine, both the science and the technology. … So I am grateful to the editorial boards and referees, past and present, of Science, Nature, Journal of the American Medical Association,​ Lancet, and all the other institutions of science and medicine that keep churning out improvements,​ detecting and correcting flaws (Dennet, 11-02-2006 ((http://​​conversation/​thank-goodness))).
 +My reading of pieces like that take place amidst reading the research on peer review. That research is all over the board. But personally, the quote illustrates a good reason why any changes to the peer review process should come carefully and not by some
 +revolution. I think this [[http://​​altmetrics12/​barr/​|short article]] by Kelli Barr is a careful depiction of that discussion.
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 +      * peer review
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