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 +# FTP: File Transfer Protocol
 +## Date: Tue Oct 30 2018
 +## Update and Install ``vsfptd``
 +Let's install a FTP server. First, we always need to check for updates and, if
 +necessary, update the machine before installing new packages. Since this may
 +take some time, be sure to complete this first step before coming to class.
 +$ sudo su
 +# dnf check-update
 +# dnf update
 +As we proceed, we'll follow along [Soyinka's chapter 17][1].
 +Now that the machine is updated, let's install ``vsftpd``, the FTP server
 +package as well as the ``ftp`` client for connecting to the server.
 +# dnf -y install vsftpd ftp
 +## Testing the FTP server
 +First, start the server, then connect, and test it out (note: "..." indicates
 +that output has been truncated):
 +# systemctl start vsftpd.service
 +# exit
 +$ ftp localhost
 +Trying ::1...
 +Connected to localhost (::1).
 +220 (vsFTPd 3.0.3)
 +Name (localhost:sean): sean
 +331 Please specify the password.
 +230 Login successful.
 +Remote system type is UNIX.
 +Using binary mode to transfer files.
 +ftp> ls
 +ftp> mkdir test
 +257 "/home/sean/test" created
 +ftp> cd test
 +250 Directory successfully changed.
 +ftp> cd ..
 +ftp> help
 +ftp> help quote
 +ftp> bye
 +221 Goodbye
 +## Task
 +Next, the book states that the default configuration allows anonymous ftp
 +connections. This is no longer true. Your job is to edit the configuration file
 +and edit it to disallow local users logging in via ftp and allow only anonymous
 +users. Also, edit the banner text and post an access notice, like the one
 +displayed when I accessed the NOAA ftp server.
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