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-====== ​Managing Software ​======+<​markdown>​ 
 +Managing Software 
 +## Date: Mon Sep 17 12:40:59 EDT 2018
-===== Date: Mon Sep 17 12:40:59 EDT 2018 =====+Many modern Linux distros offer some kind of package manage- 
 +ment for intalling, managing, and removing software. On 
 +RedHat based systems, package management is based on RPM 
 +(the RedHat Package Manager). On Debian based systems, package 
 +management is based on **dpkg**. ​
-Many modern Linux distros offer some kind of package ​manage- ment for intallingmanaging, and removing softwareOn RedHat ​based systems, ​package management is based on RPM (the RedHat Package Manager). On Debian ​based systems, ​package management is based on **dpkg**.+There are some advanced things you can do with these base 
 +package ​management systemsbut most of the time it will 
 +be easier to use their frontendsFor RedHat systems, the  
 +current frontend is called **dnf**, and for Debian systems, 
 +it'​s ​**apt** or **apt-get**. Let's look at a few of the basic 
 +**dnf** commands:
-There are some advanced things you can do with these base package management systems, but most of the time it will be easier to use their frontends. For RedHat systems, the current frontend is called **dnf**, and for Debian systems, it's **apt** or **apt-get**. Let's look at a few of the basic **dnf** commands:+To see a history ​of how *dnf* has been used on the system:
-To see a history of how //dnf// has been used on the system: +``$ sudo dnf history``
- +
-''​%%$ sudo dnf history%%''​+
 To get info on the history of a specific package: To get info on the history of a specific package:
-''​%%$ sudo dnf history mosh%%''​+``$ sudo dnf history mosh``
 To get information on a specific package: To get information on a specific package:
-''​%%$ sudo dnf info bash%%''​+``$ sudo dnf info bash``
 To search by tag, which you can see listed in the info search: To search by tag, which you can see listed in the info search:
-''​%%$ sudo dnf repoquery --queryformat "​%{arch}"​ bash%%''​+``$ sudo dnf repoquery --queryformat "​%{arch}"​ bash``
-''​%%$ sudo dnf repoquery --queryformat "​%{reponame}"​ mosh%%''​+``$ sudo dnf repoquery --queryformat "​%{reponame}"​ mosh``
-====== ​Let's install something: ​======+Let's install something:
-<​code ​bash>+```bash
 $ dnf search tmux $ dnf search tmux
 $ dnf info tmux $ dnf info tmux
Line 33: Line 42:
 $ echo "​set-option -g prefix C-a" > .tmux.conf $ echo "​set-option -g prefix C-a" > .tmux.conf
 $ tmux $ tmux
-</​code>​ +``` 
-====== ​Now, let's play around: ​======+ 
 +Now, let's play around:
-<​code ​bash>+```bash
 $ sudo dnf install -y rubygems $ sudo dnf install -y rubygems
 $ gem install lolcat $ gem install lolcat
Line 43: Line 53:
 $ sudo dnf install -y https://​​browsh-org/​browsh/​releases/​download/​v1.4.13/​browsh_1.4.13_linux_amd64.rpm $ sudo dnf install -y https://​​browsh-org/​browsh/​releases/​download/​v1.4.13/​browsh_1.4.13_linux_amd64.rpm
 $ sudo dnf remove browsh $ sudo dnf remove browsh
-</​code>​ +```
-===== dnf basics =====+
-  * dnf search [name] +## dnf basics
-  * dnf install [name] +
-  * dnf remove [name] +
-  * dnf repolist +
-  * dnf list installed +
-  * dnf list available +
-  * dnf provides /bin/bash +
-  * dnf info [name> +
-  * dnf update [name] +
-  * dnf check-update +
-  * dnf update OR dnf upgrade +
-  * dnf autoremove +
-  * dnf clean all +
-  * dnf help clean +
-  * dnf help +
-  * dnf history +
-  * dnf grouplist | less +
-  * dnf groupinstall '​Python Science'​ +
-  * dnf groupupdate '​Python Science'​ +
-  * dnf groupremove '​Python Science'​+
 +- dnf search [name]
 +- dnf install [name]
 +- dnf remove [name]
 +- dnf repolist
 +- dnf list installed
 +- dnf list available
 +- dnf provides /bin/bash
 +- dnf info [name>
 +- dnf update [name]
 +- dnf check-update
 +- dnf update OR dnf upgrade
 +- dnf autoremove
 +- dnf clean all
 +- dnf help clean
 +- dnf help
 +- dnf history
 +- dnf grouplist | less
 +- dnf groupinstall '​Python Science'​
 +- dnf groupupdate '​Python Science'​
 +- dnf groupremove '​Python Science'​
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