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Some basic linux networking programs


sudo iptraf                             # Interactive colorful IP Lan Monitor
sudo iotop                              # simple top-like I/O monitor
sudo iotop --only                       # only show processes or threads doing I/O
sudo iftop -i eth0                      # display bandwidth usage on an interface by host
sudo tcpick -C                          # tcp stream sniffer and connection tracker
sudo tcpick -i eth0 -C -h -a            # header and names resoution
nmon                                    # systems administrator, tuner, and benchmark tool
nmon -f -s 30 -c 120                    # save output to file, every 30 seconds, 120 times (1 hour)
tail -f file                            # watch file


sudo nmap                  # List open ports
sudo nmap -O               # List open ports, enable OS detection
sudo nmap -sV              # List services
ifconfig                                # identify network ID and Mask
sudo nmap -sP            # map network or subnet


sudo tcpdump host          # see all packets leaving and coming
                                          to my machine machine
sudo tcpdump src           # see packets leaving my machine
sudo tcpdump dst           # see packets coming to my machine
sudo tcpdump port 6667                  # capture packets on port 6667
sudo tcpdump port 6667 -w irc.pcap      # save all IRC traffic to irc.pcap file
sudo tcpdump port 80 -w http.pcap       # save all http traffic to http.pcap file
sudo tcpdump -i eth0 -X -vvv            # -X print data of each packet in hex and ASCII
                                        # -vvv be very verbose


ifconfig -a                             # display all network interfaces on system
sudo nmcli device status                # display current status
sudo nmcli -f ip4.address device show eno1  # display ip address and /cidr for
                                            # device

Bring connection down and up, where en01 is the name of the device.

sudo ifdown eno1
sudo ifup eno1


sudo nmcli device disconnect eno1
sudo nmcli device connect eno1
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