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 ====== Ratpoison Window Manager ====== ====== Ratpoison Window Manager ======
-**Note:** This is from a few years ago (@ 2010 perhaps). I'm not sure if it's still necessary, and I no longer have two monitors.+An old and basic .ratpoisonrc file.
-It's nice to be able to use two monitors when using [[|Ratpoison]].  Here's the how-to:  Then in:+<code bash> 
 +bind N nextscreen 
 +bind P prevscreen 
 +bind b exec google-chrome 
 +#bind e exec /usr/bin/Eterm -O -f '#e0e0e0' -F fixed --color12 '#0080ff' --exec screen 
 +#bind c exec /usr/bin/aterm -tr -fg white -sh 60 
-**$HOME/.ratpoisonrc**+To use multiple monitors in [[|Ratpoison]], see: [[]].
-rebind keys to something simple: 
-**bind N nextscreen**\\ 
-**bind P prevscreen** 
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