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TCP/IP Notes

Date: Mon Oct 12 2018

Let's take a look at

IPTRAF: Interactive colorful IP lan monitor

`sudo iptraf-ng`

IFTOP: Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host

`sudo iftop -i enp0s3`

tcpick: TCP stream sniffer and connection tracker

sudo tcpick -i enp0s3
sudo tcpick -i enp0s3 -C -h -a            
sudo tcpick -i enp0s3 -C -yP -h -a "port 80"
sudo tcpick -i enp0s3 -C -yP -h -a "port 443"
sudo tcpick -i enp0s3 -C -yP -h -a "port 22"

NMAP: Network exploration tool and security / port scanner

sudo nmap                  # List open ports
sudo nmap -O               # List open ports, enable OS detection

Don't do this on a public network:

ifconfig                                # identify network ID and Mask
sudo nmap -sP            # map network or subnet

tcpdump: Dump traffic on a network

sudo tcpdump host          # see all packets leaving and coming
                                          to my machine machine

Exit out of host machine -- launch this from one machine on host machine, and then on a separate machine, use w3m to visit the host machine:

sudo tcpdump src           # see packets leaving my machine
sudo tcpdump dst           # see packets coming to my machine
sudo tcpdump port 80 -w http.pcap       # save all http traffic to http.pcap file
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