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 +# Business and Statistic Sources of Information
 +This week we cover business and statistics sources of information. This title
 +is a bit, and purposefully,​ misleading, because by business I mean sources of
 +information that provide business leaders and entrepreneurs with the data and
 +information they need to make smart, strategic decisions, rather than sources
 +of information that specifically cater to business people or that specifically
 +supply business information.
 +What this means is that we are largely looking at government sources of
 +information. The fact of the matter is is that the US government has a strong
 +incentive to grow the economy. While it's true that our two major parties
 +disagree about how best to accomplish and encourage economic growth, and on how
 +to do it fairly and justly, it's also true that good data and good information
 +are fundamental and necessary for any business--it'​s true if a business wants
 +to make a profit and it's true if a business wants to make a profit
 +Our readings this week guide us through a handful of government websites. Aside
 +from listening to this short lecture and reading the two chapters this week,
 +you are going to pick two of the sites listed in this discussion prompt and
 +write about them. Your task is to spend a good amount of time with these
 +sources, to play around with them, to see what kinds of information and data
 +you can get out of them, and so forth. The book is a good guide in doing this,
 +and I've listed a few questions for you to respond to in this post as a result
 +of your engagement with these sources.
 +I'm not going to ignore more traditional business sources. This week I'll post
 +a couple of short demonstration videos of sources that are specifically
 +designed for business research. These will include the **Mergent Online** and
 +the **Business Source Complete** databases, but I do this only to expose you to
 +the kinds of tools that are available to you. Your job is to focus on the
 +government sources I've listed here. Your job is to focus on the government
 +sources that I've listed here.
 +Again, I encourage you to spend some time with these government sources ---
 +play around with all of them but select only two to discuss in your post here.
 +The best way to really see what you can get from these sources, and to learn
 +them, is to spend time with them and use them. If you become good at this,
 +you'll have a huge competitive advantage in any future career you tackle or in
 +any future business that you may start -- these sources of information are that
 +good. Note also, these sources we're studying are not simply useful to those in
 +business -- they'​re useful for many others too -- e.g., journalists and even to
 +citizens who want to know all the things that the government collects data on.
 +Think about how these sites and sources apply more generally as you study them.
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