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 +# Funding & Health Sources
 +## Slide 1: Title page
 +Welcome to the discussion on health sources of information.
 +## Slide 2: Health information sources
 +Health information sources -- the Miracle Cure -- what do you believe on the 
 +Internet? Do you believe anything? Or are you critical of what you read? Let'
 +## Slide 3: MedlinePlus 
 +I'll create a demonstration video of PubMed, the main National of Library
 +Medicine Website and database, but in this lecture, I'll talk about
 +MedlinePlus, which is the general public interface to PubMed's more research
 +oriented audience.
 +MedlinePlus offers information catered to the general public. It's also
 +provided by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of
 +Health. You will find the information on this site more accessible than
 +what's on PubMed. You can see on the screen in this image four main
 +parts of the site:
 +* Health Topics
 +* Drugs and Supplements
 +* Videos and Cool Tools
 +* Lab Test Information
 +* Medical Encyclopedia
 +## Slide 4: MedlinePlus
 +If I click on the *Health Topics* link, I'll access detailed, public friendly 
 +information on a variety of topics that are categorized into five different 
 +* Body Location/Systems
 +* Disorders and Conditions
 +* Diagnosis and Therapy
 +* Demographic Groups
 +* Health and Wellness
 +I may follow any of these links to more detailed pages on the various aspects 
 +of these categories. E.g., if I click on the *Blood, Heart and Circulation* 
 +link, I can access more detailed information on topics under this category.
 +## Slide 5: MedlinePlus
 +MedlinePlus' *Drugs & Supplements* page provides detailed information on
 +OTC and prescription drugs as well as information on herbal and other types
 +of supplements. Drilling down into this site provides a wealth of information 
 +and provides answers to important questions about the various drugs, herbs, and 
 +supplements out there. The next slide highlights this for the page on 
 +## Slide 6: MedlinePlus
 +* aspirin page:
 +## Slide 7: MedlinePlus
 +The *Videos and Tools* section of the sites provides information in
 +other accessible ways. For example, here's a cool video on *macular 
 +degeneration*. Such things are great for simple educational use but are also
 +helpful if you have or know someone who has issues with topics presented in
 +these videos.
 +## Slide 8: MedlinePlus
 +There are some other neat tools and games to explore on this site. The Health 
 +Check Tools link will take you to a page that has quizzes and games. E.g., do 
 +you need a hearing or an asthma test? There are quizzes for that. And there are 
 +links to games to help people identify parts of the anatomy, learn about blood 
 +types, and more. Many of these games are aimed at children, and thus are also 
 +good educational resources. Also, some or most of the games may require Flash
 +to play, and this is less supported by browsers today.
 +## Slide 9: MedlinePlus
 +There is a nice transcript on evaluating health information on websites. I'll
 +provide a demo that shows how to use the checklist in a following video. But
 +read through this transcript -- part of your work this week will involve using
 +the questions posed here to evaluate a medical/health care website.
 +Evaluating health info transcript:
 +## Slide 10: Funding
 +This week you'll use the Charity Navigator (see chapter 5 of your textbook) to 
 +see what kind of information you can find about a charity. In addition to the 
 +health info evaluation, I'll also provide a series of demos of funding sites, 
 +statistical information sites, and like. Stay tuned.
 +## Slide 11: Conclusion
 +In conclusion:
 +* MedlinePlus provides comprehensive health and medical information for the
 +  general public.
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