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I gave a presentation on increasing participation in online discussion forums to members of my college. The notes and slides are on GitHub. These may be helpful to others teaching online for the first time.



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Fall 2020

ICT 418: Linux Systems Administration: Undergraduate course covering systems administration using the GNU/Linux operating system (Ubuntu and Fedora). Topics include Bash scripting, managing users, installing, securing, and managing services such as MySQL, and more.

LIS 690: Electronic Resource Management: Graduate course on managing electronic resources for libraries. Topics covered include the technologies and systems involved, legal issues such as managing copyright, and more.

Spring 2020

ICT 420: Semantic Web Development: Undergraduate course focused on HTML5, CSS3, JSON-LD, and Git as well as usability and accessibility. Main software tool: text editor.

LIS/ICT 658: Knowledge Management: Graduate course on organizational knowledge management with some emphasis on disaster and risk management and communication. Although this is an online course, students are central in selecting specific readings.

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