Sean Burns, PhD

I am an assistant professor of information science. I primarily investigate problems related to scholarly communication and academic libraries. Specifically, I am working collaboratively or solo on projects under the following, general topics:

  • bias in peer review
  • qualitative data archiving and preservation
  • citation patterns among megajournals
  • information retrieval differences among databases
  • the history of library science
  • censorship and science

I teach a number of courses, online and face to face, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. At the undergraduate level, I teach courses on personal information/knowledge management and Linux systems administration, and next fall (2017) I'll add semantic web development to that list. At the graduate level, I teach a course on knowledge management every other year. In the past, I've taught courses on reference librarianship and on information seeking. Next fall I'll begin teaching a course on electronic resource management. I've also developed a course on social computing and will be teaching that within the next year or so.



I moved most content at the locations below to my Wiki/Notebook. My Github site will have backups of the first two sites. If I didn't move it and it's not on Github, then there's always the Wayback Machine