C. Sean Burns


I officially start my sabbatical this semester. I'm working on several research projects and also revising two courses.

I gave a talk for one of our monthly College research presentations on Functional Search Problems among MEDLINE Databases (see link to Zoom for the recorded video). Slides are on GitHub.

I gave a presentation on increasing participation in online discussion forums to members of my college. The notes and slides are on GitHub and the video is on my School's website, along with videos on flipped classroom instruction from some of my wonderful colleagues. These may be helpful to others teaching online for the first time.


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Spring 2021

I will be on a sabbatical writing a book and preparing a grant submission.

Fall 2020

I'm teaching an extra course this semester to help with pandemic related issues. Normally it's a 2/2 course load.

ICT 418: Linux Systems Administration: Undergraduate course covering systems administration using the Fedora GNU/Linux operating system. Topics include Bash scripting, managing users, installing, securing, and managing services such as MySQL, and more. Lectures and demonstration transcripts are stored in my GitHub repo here:

LIS 690: Electronic Resource Management: Graduate course on managing electronic resources for libraries. Topics covered include the technologies and systems involved, legal issues such as managing copyright, and more. Lectures are stored in my GitHub repo here:

ICT 201: Personal Knowledge Management: Undergraduate course on managing personal information and knowledge work flows. I would share my lectures and resources for this course, but I'm working on a major revision and will wait until that revision is complete.

Spring 2020

ICT 420: Semantic Web Development: Undergraduate course focused on HTML5, CSS3, JSON-LD, and Git as well as usability and accessibility. Main software tool: text editor, SFTP, GitHub. Notes and demos are stored in my GitHub repo here:

LIS/ICT 658: Knowledge Management: Graduate course on organizational knowledge management with some emphasis on disaster and risk management and communication. Although this is an online course, students are central in selecting specific readings.

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Systems Administration

I maintain two Linux servers for colleagues and students at my School to support class activities. I use one dedicated server to host WordPress and Omeka installations that support the library science and the information and communication technologies (ICT) programs. I use a separate virtual machine on a hosting service to provide shell and MySQL accounts to support several courses in our undergraduate ICT program.

The Text, Please. Just the Text.

Links to Short Essays

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  9. On Aging
  10. The Trick to Social Media
  11. On Conservatives
  12. Lullabies and Mixtapes
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  21. Let's Dance
  22. On Sudoku
  23. On Carrots
  24. Primate Lessons
  25. On Solace
  26. Surreality Polarity Reversal
  27. Dear Mom
  28. Not That 1984
  29. On the Historical Person
  30. A Pictorial List
  31. On Covid19 and Keystone Species
  32. s/awk/R/
  33. s/sed/awk/
  34. On Marriage
  35. On Teaching Linux
  36. Dark Nights
  37. On Revising
  38. On Distractions
  39. A Distro Hop
  40. On Conspiracy Theories
  41. Earth's Holocaust
  42. Come Sail Away
  43. On the Bookshelf
  44. The Chronicles
  45. Past Colleagues
  46. On Consistency
  47. Restaurant Dreams
  48. 35 Days
  49. An Action Under Which Description
  50. The Slow Down
  51. I'd Rather
  52. It's the Little Things
  53. On Research Speed
  54. On Stress Relief
  55. On Sheltering
  56. On Social Distancing
  57. Losing a Walker Friend
  58. When a Baby Cries as a Toddler
  59. Converting Markdown to HTML with Table of Contents Using Pandoc
  60. Switching Window Managers
  61. Remembering Some Text
  62. Some Observations on Usability Pertaining to a Child
  63. Bad Superblock
  64. A Quick Bash One-Liner and Children
  65. Tidyverse Skeptic Too
  66. Make Email Fun
  67. Some Routines I Find Calming
  68. The Product
  69. The Walkers
  70. On Solitude
  71. On Writing and its Tools
  72. Using Ed, The Standard Text Editor
  73. Keeping it Minimal